Letter to Gerry

On Gerry Adams’s  release from custody, Author and ex-para Ken Lukowiak has some more good news for Gerry.  And from a very surprising source.  Past members of The Parachute Regiment.

Dear Gerry,

I see they’ve let you go.  Well, I’ve got some more good news for you, and, surprisingly, from of all places, it comes from some ex-members of The Parachute Regiment.  I’m in my local a couple of lunch times ago, having a few beers with three other ex Paras.  All of whom, at one time, like me, served in that arsehole of a place that you call home.  Anyway, it’s my round and I’m at the bar, when I look up at the TV on the wall and see your grinning face.  The TVs in our local have the sound muted, but to compensate have telex sub-titles running along the bottom of the screen.  Turns out that these sub-titles are a good minute or so behind the pictures, so at first I think they’re trying to pin the death of Peaches Geldof on you.   And you know, in my defense, anything is possible with you Gerry.  And Peaches’s Da is Irish and a celebrity.  As was Shergar.

With drinks in hand I return to the table and ask:
“Did Gerry Adams kill Peaches Geldof?”
“No.  You fucking 2 Para Twat”.  Says Big Mac (He’s ex 3 Para)  “They’ve nicked him for the murder of that woman, haven’t they.”
“What woman?” I asked.
“That Irish one.”

Well, that hardly narrowed it.

Naturally enough, the conversation at the table then turns to you Gerry.  And, as I’m sure you can imagine – it’s all a bit negative.  Truth is, us paratroopers, we’re not keen on you Gerry.  Not keen at all.  Although, some of your mates did murder some of our mates.  So I guess it’s all to be expected.

Gerry and mate

Gerry and mate at another mate’s funeral.

But then ‘Moi’, the self-appointed liberal of our group (my politics are only slightly to the right of Thatcherism)  I come up with a question that causes our group to stop and ponder.  Andy  (also ex 3 Para) was the first to break the silence when he asked:
“Why can I only hang one of them?  I want to hang both of them”
“Well you can’t” I explain.  “The game is that you can only hang one of them, and you have to hang one of them, but the choice is yours.”
“In that case” says Andy  “I’d hang Martin.”
“Yeah, Martin” agrees Big Mac.
“Definitely Martin” says Pete.

So, I’m pleased to pass on, that with my vote added, four out of four ex-paratroopers – who expressed a preference – would rather hang your BFF Martin than you.

So, it’s a big thumbs up for you on that one Gerry!   Even though Martin’s the one who had dinner with the Queen.  (No we can’t work it out either).

To be honest,  I’m against capital punishment, so, it was left to me, I wouldn’t hang either of you.  My now dear departed Catholic father once said to me that it was better for ten guilty men to be set free than for one innocent man to be hanged.  And that’s stuck with me.  My three friends disagree with me completely on this.  Although,  at the same time, they would fight, quite literally, for my right to say it.

If they do eventually bang you up for the murder of ‘that woman’, and it’s all fingers crossed at our end,  then I’m expecting great things from you Gerry.  If I don’t see a picture of you in the papers, wrapped in a blanket and covered in your own shit, then I’m going to be most disappointed.

So don’t let the cause down.  Do the right thing.  Like your mate Bobby did.

Eat lots!


P.S.  As I’m sure you know already  ‘that woman’ was called Jean McConville.  She was a mother of ten, who was taken from her home at gun point, tortured, and then executed.  By your mates Gerry.  Not mine.  Your mates.  And if you did have anything to do with that:  then I really  don’t know how you sleep at night.  I really don’t.


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  1. Beautifully worded, the pen is mighty than the sword,

    • Ask the rest of your Para mates to do the right thing and confess to the murder of of innocent Catholics on Bloody Sunday and The Ballymurphy Massacre you hypocritical cunt!

      • Hey Harry FUCK OFF

      • Dear Harry.
        It was your hero’s that started shooting from the cover of your own people, so it transpires that Sadam wasn’t the first to use human shields and please let’s face it, us British Soldier’s were begged to come to Ulster ( just so you know where I am coming from), to protect you murdering scrum. And as for Jean tell you murdering chum Martin to now own up. We now’s !!!!!!!! Now crawl back under your stone.

  2. Nice one Luke!

  3. Another excellent post Ken … Thanks

  4. Well put Ken!

  5. Shame my family’s homeland is seen as an arsehole of a place
    Says it all really

  6. My dear chap, what a wonderful letter, couldn’t agree more.
    Keep the faith Sir……………….it could be Marty’s turn next.

  7. If you don’t like your mates getting killed, stay the fuck out of countries that don’t welcome you and your thuggish regiment, nothing but a pack of murdering cunts in uniform. There are many innocent men, women and children all over the world who have been killed by you animals, shed a tear for them will you? I fucking doubt it.

    • And your lot Harry were a pack of murdering cunts not in uniform hiding behind women. And of course they NEVER killed an innocent person did they???

      • People who commit murder, for whoever or which ever cause are not my people. Murder is murder end of.

      • Who is my lot? My lot are my family and friends,none of them involved in any way, shape or form in murdering anyone. Just because I have an opinion that conflicts with yours does not make me or ‘my lot’ murdering scum, as you like to put it.

    • You need to get your facts straight harry, in the beginning the army were welcomed with open arms and tea and cakes!

  8. Ginny I think ‘an arsehole of a place’ is putting it nicely.

    • I also think an arsehole of a place IS putting it 2 nicely n I’m from n bloody stuck in this “arsehole of a place”!!

  9. I would call it the shite stain on the arsehole of the world Ginny, but that’s me. Nicely worded mate, may justice be served

  10. what is tony saying now then….

    • warrior2worrier

      If you mean Blair, td, I think he’s to busy bringing peace to the Middle East at the moment!

  11. loved it, agree with every word ,unfortunately the british government won,t let Gerry and co, pay for their crimes,but they will demand that all british soldiers should pay for serving here, here being NI ,part of the UK ,my home, carol ,a former soldier,s daughter

    • Every murderer should pay for their crimes, and that includes your beloved British Army.

      • Harry on bloody sunday, who fired the first shot, that man should be hung first…

      • So if your neighbour fires a gun at you, you kill everyone in the street?That’s a lame excuse to come up with, not one of those murdered on Bloody Sunday was armed with anything, most were shot in the back running away, one man was shot through the head for waving a white handkerchief to go and help a wounded man, Fuck off with you lame shit pal. The Saville Inquiry laid the blame for Bloody Sunday squarely at the door of the Paras.

      • that parade had been deemed illegal so why were the people there anyway..

      • carol diett

        those shot on bloody sunday were not innocent who the hell goes outside in the middle of a riot!! I do know of a couple of innocent girls who were shot in Londonderry by the ira, one a 19 yr old unarmed policeofficer shot in the back of the head, took her a week to die, the other was a 27 yr old mum with a little baby ,collecting census forms, ,

      • Steve Johnson

        Harry Cox, you haven’t got a clue what you are talking about you cowardly gobshite! You know fuck all about Bloody Sunday or any other action involving the finest Regiment in the British army! Clearly you have never served your country, but feel good about gobbing off under the blanket of security and freedom of speech afforded you by those who have served! Put a sock in it sunshine!

  12. Understand the angst Harry, but neither side gains any credit imo. Fact is, the Irish Republic doesn’t want the North to rejoin under any circumstances, so you rebs were fighting for what exactly? Perhaps Irish men would do well to listen to Irish women for a change, they seem to talk a lot more sense.

    • I agree nobody gains any credit. Why you calling me a reb for? I don’t give too farts what the republic of Ireland want,

  13. Ken,

    Im ‘Job’ here and found your posts from a mate reposting you on FB. Genuinely looking forward reading more. Thank you for writing this.


  14. I am a ulster man,I served 15 years in the udr and royal Irish.this is not a arsehole of a place.theres just scumbags who live amongst us

  15. Harry you’ve got a short memory ,does “Bloody Friday” ring any Bells ?, Also put down that comic the Republician News and grab a book called “Lost lives” interesting fact that is also forgotten,the glorious IRA killed more Republicains and Catholic civilians than the big bad British Army ,run along your the hypocrital prat my friend

    • Bloody Friday equally as horrific! I am not playing the whataboutery game here. Fact is the Paras committed cold blooded murder on BS and Ballymurphy, there is no escaping that fact. And why do assume that I support the IRA?

  16. Written beautifully. Every word you say is true. Just one thing i disagree with. Martin & Gerry both deserve to pay for their crimes scum both of them.

  17. Steve Johnson, I know plenty about Bloody Sunday you cunt. I know the great Paras shot innocent protesters in the back while they ran away and shot an old man waving a white handkerchief, very brave actions indeed. Oh and even walked up to the unarmed wounded laying dying on the ground and finished them off. Nothing but murdering thug bastards in uniform.

    • You know what you’ve read you imbecile! Were you there you clever cunt? Have you spoke to those who were there? Have you fuck! You know less than fuck all you silly little boy! Get a fucking grip on reality you tool.

      • Yes I have spoke to people who were there since in happened on my doorstep practically and I tell you what, that Widgery bastards report was proven to be what it was, a pack of fucking lies to cover up the truth. It’s not like the British Government or MoD to take part in cover ups to hide the truth now is it? It;s the actual reality that you can’t seem to get a grip of.

  18. Ginny don’t know how you rest your case with Bloody Sunday when the paras lost 50. Bloody Sunday costing us all a fortune, don’t see too many enquiries into para deaths
    The letter above says it all. They’d rather hang Marty, do you think without his input there would have been a bloodbath on Bloody Sunday.

  19. Barrie Parker

    Innocents were killed on Bloody Sunday, and may they rest in peace. But again it has been proven that the IRA started it and used innocents as shields, which can only be expected from such a cowardly bunch!!!

    • You don’t justify one wrong by using another wrong to excuse it. I would think that the Paras being this amazing regiment that everyone says they are would be able to distinguish between armed IRA gunmen and innocent unarmed protesters running away, oh and an old man waving a white handkerchief. The ‘they fired first’ argument is pathetic and has been proved so by the Savile Inquiry.

  20. brian from belfast

    i agree that bloody Sunday should not have happened and that they were innocent people that died but what about all the innocent people that died at the hands off those murdering bastards (IRA) and are still killing they are nothing but a cancer in are country and should be wiped out. the paras are one of the best battalions in the world and when they came over to northern ireland the IRA fkn shit them selves its just a pitty they didn’t take out a lot more of those scum bastards. i want to thank all the armed forces that came and gave their lives keeping northern Ireland British especially the paras and the SAS .god bless them all

  21. william taylor

    I SERVED THERE TOO and the murdering assholes took an old man of 70 and tortured him and then executed ,then they booby trapped his body for the come on…
    and remember the warrenpoint incident now that was cowardly ,so how dare Harry COX comment on something he knows nothing about,there was incidents on a daily bases and the IRA cowards would not fight the troops head on as they would have been slaughtered,as famous quote from a famous film “IRA IVE SHIT EM” .and they all walk the streets free today…………………. EX 1 PARA,oh and martin and gerry were down the south armagh way at the time……….ASK WHY MISTER COX………

    • I remember that movie; not the best choice… remember how it ended, with Bob Hoskins (RIP) staring down the barrel of Pierce Brosnan’s gun!

    • Why do you and others keep mentioning McGuiness and Adams as my lot? My hero’s? I DO NOT give one flying fuck what happens to them, is that clear? It seems that my opinion on the murderers in the Paras that took part in Bloody Sunday and Ballymurphy does not go down well. Sorry if the truth hurts pal. I’ll say it again for everyone who chooses not to get this point clear. I DO NOT CARE ABOUT ADAMS OR MCGUINNESS. What I do care about is equality under the law. Murders from which ever walk of life they come from, be it Military, Paramilitary or man or woman on the street, should all be treated them same.

  22. I believe Bloody Sunday was a sham from start to finish, also I don’t for one minute believe that all those killed where innocent, McGuinness himself admitted he was running around with a Thompson sub machine gun on this day, No charges brought , I think you will find that in unionist area’s the only regret about bloody sunday ,was that the para’s were not better shots.
    As for Ballymurphy, the gun battle had been going on for days before the para’s were called in, after the IRA had attacked the Sringmartin protestant housing estate, many of those killed was during this phase of the battle, but again SF/IRA will blame all the deaths on the army , to see if there is a claim to be had. Many units of the British Army served with distinction during the IRA terrorist campaign not just the para’s to this day I regret that the British government could and should have been a lot harder on the IRA,

  23. Sad to see all these Andy McNobs reduced to their poison pen letters.
    If the English had never set foot in Ireland in the first place, none of this would have happened; like it or not, it all starts from there. That doesn’t justify the murder of innocent people, from either side of the community; but here’s a question, suppose the Nazis had successfully invaded in 1940 and occupied Britain; and after taking control, the senior Nazis posted in the UK started bringing their families over and settling down, on properties requisitioned from the British. No doubt there would have been a fierce resistance movement, and I am assuming the Andy McNobs among us would support that resistance. So, are you seriously suggesting that any casualties among the family members of those Nazis who got caught up in the struggle, would be considered by the resistance as anything other than collateral damage?

  24. Gerry Adams actually has more balls than you and your drinking chums, Ken. When he turned away from the IRA and committed himself to the peace process, he was at more risk of stopping a bullet from his own people than you ever were. Good to see he has risen above this latest attempt to de-rail the peace process by those who see that the democracy isn’t working in their favour. Northern Ireland is changing, live with it.

  25. OMG … There really are some STUPID comments on here from IRA appeasers. Crawl back into your cowardly rabbit holes like you always do when the argument proves how wrong you are. Adams and mcguinness should be hung like Saddam and put on public display. Brave British Soldiers will stand up for what is right and stand and face you anywhere, not kill our own, make their lives miserable and then try to justify their actions or deny their wrongdoing.

  26. Charles McManus

    I served in NI in the seventies in hot terrorist areas such as Shankhill,Ardoyne, New Lodge , Tiger Bay, Markets, Divi’Flats….In these areas there was good and bad local people…We knew the Bad Guys Gerry hid behind the Political flag of truce and Walked round fairly freely…. Martin was a hunted man and was close to capture and arrest on at least 3 operations I know of……. They are both Guilty of crimes in my eyes and to my Knowledge so like The Army have being put on Trail why have not these 2 not been put on Trail are the government and Irish scared of what will be revealed…Yes will there ever be A trail for both …No and they know it ….alternative they disappear to a far of place and fade out of the headlines or like the many Irish folk they ordered to Be taken care of Orders are similarly issued for them both from and by any organisation with the power to realise …….End Ex

  27. Harry Cox. Name says it all.

    Hairy Cocks.

    • Good Argument there pal, your name says it all too. Must have busted a clot in your head. wise up.

  28. On the subject of courage vs cowardice, let’s get something straight. The IRA operated by stealth, picking targets from a distance, rather than risk a direct confrontation with British forces. They used the advantage of cover, surprise and ambush. The British forces had vastly superior firepower, technology and infrastructure at their disposal; they used the advantage of better resources and arms. If a boxer attacks someone in the street with his fists, he is using his advantage. If his opponent pulls a knife and stabs him in the gut, he is using his advantage. The argument over whose advantage is right or wrong, fair or unfair, seems to be a futile one.

    • You say the IRA used cover! stealth and ambush in their fight against the British. Can you explain to me then why they murdered a two year old son of an RAF corporal in Germany. They shot straight through the little boy to kill his father. They have acted as cowards the whole of the troubles hiding behind children and women? They say they were soldiers rubbish they are cold blooded murders. You say the para’s should pay for what they did on Bloody Sunday. Did you see anything first hand, if not you are going by other peoples words. If you think Gerry and. Martin are innocent politicians you are wearing blinkers they were fully involved in everything that went on in North Ireland right down to carrying arms and worse. Mistakes were made I have no doubt, have you ever been shot at, I very much doubt it. If you had you will know that you instantly react as you want to live you fire at the direction the bullet came from. As has been said on here the IRA used people as shields so yes they shot at the Para’s and they shot back. People were running away from gunfire so their backs could have been towards the soldiers. Does that mean they were deliberately shot in the back, no it doesn’t. How many thousands of innocent people have the IRA killed are the killers in prison, no they are out walking in the sun while their victims lie in graves or have never been found. I have been to Northern Ireland many times it is not a shithole but a vibrant country. The problem is those who use religion as a weapon for their own profit and gain. Don’t class every Irish person as a killer like wise don’t say soldiers are all murderers because if you do there will never be a peaceful end to these troubles.

  29. Justin, you are clearly confusing the words here, perhaps toddle off and look up the true meaning of stealth, then look up cowardly low life scum, I am sure you will Find it says IRA, let’s see a public inquiry into some of those IRA “actions” (hold on whilst I finish laughing) and see if we can’t pin the tail on the donkey, oops sorry I meant ass, aka Adams and McGuinnes, both falling under the “coward” caveat.

  30. Pip, I don’t need a dictionary to know that stealth means going about your business in a clandestine fashion without betraying your presence or intentions. Let’s try and keep this on an objective level; you know very well that every modern army has a contingent of snipers, they have been widely used in Afghanistan. That means killing at long distance, without showing your face to the enemy. A more extreme example would be the use of drones and bombing which we already know have killed many innocent civilians in Afghanistan, a certain number clearly being considered as expendable in the bigger picture. I’m not here to defend the killing of any innocent people by anyone, whether IRA, British forces or anyone else; but your argument implies that you are pissed off at the IRA for not following your own rules of engagement which seems ludicrous in a war situation. My earlier comment about Adams, whether you like him or not, having balls, was based on the fact that he was prepared to risk a bullet in the back by engaging with the peace process. One thing which is clear from forums like this, there are still a good number of people who are stuck in the past like dinosaurs, unable to get past the old hatred, prejudices and bigotry. The message is clear, their time is over and the new generation (on both sides) wants the peace process to work. If the old dinosaurs want to stay rooted the past, that’s their business; let their hate die with them. NI will move on without them.

  31. Reading this and from taalking to an ex para who was there at bloody sunday it was started by an a shooter . The patrol had been dicked for some time and the crowd was more like angry supporters . They group around you and suddenly open up and someone has a pot shot. Old trick. Every civilian there knew what the score was .. they always did. Im not ex para but ex 40 cdo rm i have nothing but respect for you paras as im sure as you do for us. The twats posting drivel in here need to read wikipedia again as thier facts are very wrong …..

    • Aye and Wikipedia is the right place to go for the truth isn’t it. Anyone can edit stuff on there, but then again, that would suit people like you who prefer to believe cover ups than the actual truth.

  32. Carol Diett, going outside in a riot is not a crime, going outside in a riot is not a crime punishable by being shot dead. Shooting unarmed civilians dead is a crime, as is shooting dead those poor girls you mentioned. Both acts of murder, which should be punished as such.

    • the killingof the troopers and their horses in London, or the two 11 year olds in warrington then….

      • Listen up, and read what I say, I do not support the IRA, I do not care what happens to Adams or McGuinness. What I do care about is that everyone be treated equally under the law, and that includes Adams and McGuinness. If they are guilty of carrying out murder then the evidence needs to be put on the table and they should be charged accordingly. This rule should also apply to everyone, and that includes the murdering bastards that shot 13 people dead in Derry and 11 people in Ballymurphy. What excuse can be used for shooting an old man waving a handkerchief through the head? What excuse can be used for shooting a priest in the back twice while attending a dying man? What excuse can be used for shooting an unarmed man 14 times in the back while he was laid down and already wounded? I know you find it hard to take and you can continue to say what about this and what about that, your good at it, that’s for sure, but I’ll say this, I condemn murder unreservedly, be it carried out by the Republicans, Loyalists or indeed you precious armed forces, who you think are above the law,

  33. JUSTIN NIELL,YOU ARE THE BIGGEST PRICK GOING, the armed forces fought to give your gob and the shite you spout from it .a free say,, as for gerry adams having balls , the inocent women he and his thugs murdered in the name of freedom ,and his so called soldiers of war ,EXECUTE ,CIVILLIANS AND UNARMED POLICE ,SOLDIERS,and when the they take on the might of an army the get slotted a cry massacre and now you spout shite about other conflicts when you never or not serving member of the armed forces so get you head out of your arse ,you and your so called peace process is folly ,plastic and false WAKE UP….THOSE WHO ARE FORWARDING THE PEACE PROCESS HAVE BLOOD ON THERE HANDS………GERRY ADAMS ,AND MARTIN MAGUINESS,SO CALLED POLITICIANS …

  34. Talking of cowardly actions Coxy – what about the bombs set of in Enniskillen on Remembrance Sunday and the Omagh bombing plus the. Bloody Friday bombings in Belfast? What was brave about the scum that carried out those? If the same amount of time, money and effort had been spent bringing those retards to justice as has been spent on Bloody Sunday inquiries then the province would be a saner, safer place….

    • Absolutely disgusting acts of murder, those who did it need to be punished accordingly. Everyone affected by acts of terrorism deserve their inquiries, as do everyone affected by acts of murder and state collusion. Everyone must be treated equally, is that a satisfactory answer for you?

  35. Its fairly simple people if you weren’t there you aren’t entitled to an opinion! Reading a few books, watching a couple of documentaries or even listening to your old man rattle on every 30th of January after several pints of Guiness about what he thinks he saw also doesn’t apply. Get a grip it was a nasty affair with collateral casualties on both fronts, the British Military were begged to come and then ordered to do so, they did what they had to on the ground and were totally accountable for their actions. Armchair politicians and armchair soldiers do yourselves a favour pick another subject, perhaps the differing shades of ginger of presenter Ann Robinson or do Macdonalds put just a bit to much mayo in their big macs?? I think these subjects/topics would be better suited. (Side note: Playing call of duty does not constitute experience of warfare.)

    I’m not a political person but I did serve although not in Northern Ireland and not during the “troubles” I reserve my opinions on the conflict in general as it would be insulting to my fellow brothers to attempt speak about something in any detail that I have no personal experience of, and every war is different and fought in a different manner.

    One point I would like to make which isn’t about “who did what” which seems to be the general flow of conversation my point is based on my experience as a soldier. Justin Neill mentioned that the enemy fought with stealth etc, etc and go’s on to speak about the apparent superior tactics they utilised in the face of superior firepower etc, From what I understand from my personal experience of warfare Justin parking a car outside a shopping centre in a public street full of explosives and detonating it from your armchair at home while school kids are strolling by, would not in my opinion be considered as tactical or conform to any ROE that I am aware of.. just a thought.

    • What about the people who were there and gave evidence under oath? Do you discount their evidence as lies? That inquiry told the truth of the events, which were indeed quite damning for the paras, the evidence does also say that the paras were fired at first. If you are fired upon, kill the shooter, not innocent unarmed people, not people attending to wounded people, not priests attending to wounded men.

  36. Some of the comments/statements being made are irresponsible, naive, immature and in some cases extremely f/”!ing stupid. I served in N. Ireland throughout the bad times of the seventies in such charming areas as Lurgan, The Brandywell in Derry, Forkhill, Crossmaglen to name but a few. I am proud of MY time served in the British military and MOST of the people I served alongside and I will never forget the friends and colleagues who died and the circumstances involved. I will also never forget the deaths of many innocents and the circumstances of their deaths. The majority of the people of N.Ireland in my opinion wanted to be able to live a normal everyday life but due to the evil factions at work supposedly fighting in the peoples name this was never going to be a peaceful place. Unfortunately putting Soldiers into this situation just fuelled the situation and gave those factions just what they wanted. Soldiers, young or old, experienced or otherwise were not prepared to deal with the situation in N. Ireland no matter how much training was received and Bloody Sunday highlighted this with tragic consequences which were to cost the British Army, The RUC and the British public their in the years ahead. The results of the Paras actions on Bloody Sunday made them infamous and they fell right into the IRA trap, which any unit would have I might add, but the Parachute Regiment were damned from that day on and paid dearly for what was described as ” the ultimate revenge for Bloody Sunday ” with the mass murder at Warrenpoint. My point is that British soldiers were ill equipped to deal with the situation in N. Ireland and the actions of many (not just those on Bloody Sunday ) simply added fuel to the cause of the various terrorist organisations and in particular the IRA and encouraged them with their warped views to continue a campaign of murder and destruction. This may be hard to accept for some, but is an objective view from someone who has been involved at first hand and after all is only my opinion. I would appreciate constructive responses and not the foul mouthed views that in some way probably add strength to my point of view, anyone can use filthy language to try and give their point of view some impact but ultimately it just shows a lack of intelligence and ability to express themselves in a decent manner. My thoughts are with ALL those who lost their lives in what can only be described as one of the most tragic periods of our history.

    • Very good post. And I agree with your comment about your thoughts going out to all who lost their lives in the conflict here, my thoughts go out to ALL who lost their lives too, and that includes British military personnel. And you are right, the paras will only be remembered by my community here for the acts of murder they took part in, on the streets of my city on Bloody Sunday, and in the streets of Ballymurphy in Belfast. You see, know matter how many times I tell those commenting here that the IRA are not ‘my lot’ and that I condemn all murders carried out here by whoever committed them, people are convinced that I support the IRA and I have even been called murdering scum myself. You may be right, the soldiers that came here during those times may not have been well equipped to deal with the situation, but it does not excuse the fact that those who fired the bullets, were firing at unarmed civilains, most of whom were shot in the back. How can this be justified? How can shooting a priest be justified? How can shooting a man waving a white handkerchief through the head be justified? How can shooting someone already wounded by 1 bullet, another 13 times be justified? All unarmed innocent people.
      You are also right in saying that those actions fell right into the trap of the IRA who did go on to exact revenge by carrying out some of the most horrendous atrocities of the time, all to be rightly condemned and condemn them I certainly do. Murder is murder no matter what and that includes everyone, a uniform and your nationality does not give you the right to kill anyone and expect to get away with it, which I might add is the case concerning Bloody Sunday and the Ballymurphy massacre, so far.

  37. billy....1 PARA

    may i say thar some comments regadless of the language used shows that the memories never fade and those murderous so called freedom fighters that walk the streets free today are getting off lightly.We who served lost many a good man and woman through those troubled days ,and we should remember the sacrifice they paid for all you people who comment on here your sick views towards the support of the terrorist IRA,and hatred towards the brittish gorverment ,and forces So you should pack your bags and head down to dublin..if you want your united ireland….UTRINQUE PARATUS…

  38. maddogintheblock

    The letter was eloquently written…..the last paragraph being the killing point on how Adams referred to a lost and troubled soul. “That Woman”….reading through all of the posts above, I notice Mr Cox seems to “zone in” on Bloody Sunday all the time. Having served for 2 years in Londonderry, (never the D word, always its full and recorded title), and being in a position to view reports and documentation, the first bite was from the “other” side. McGuiness was seen with a Thompson machine gun. Rioters were bussed in from other places. over 500 petrol bombs, (not only containing petrol by the way, but Jam, ball bearings and other such shipyard shrapnel), were found after the riots. The patrol had been dicked for some days. The previous days before, a soldier had been found murdered with his penis chopped off and placed in his mouth. The RUC and UDR, (both regular and volunteer), were getting murdered as they went about their duties and in their beds. For every nationalist that got murdered, 2 loyalists were being tortured and murdered. So Mr Cox, lets talk about a few other things that happened across NI/mainland/europe. The sniper cars? The blast bombs? the culvert bombs, the Drop in well bomb? The warrington bomb? Bloody Friday?, the M62 bomb? The 2 royal signals Cpls? The Lisburn Charity marathon bus bomb? Warren Point? Victor 2 sniper from the south murder of a 19 year old RMP? The murder of 2 RUC senior officers? Collusion with the GARDIA with the IRA? INLA? Real IRA?, The Murder of an innocent Warrant Officer in Belgium? The murder of recruits on a railway platform? Hyde Park? Omagh?. Sorry to bore you Mr Cox, but to be honest? Bloody Sunday is the only one you remember. There can be as many inquiries as you want but, again, to be honest, a lot of us are getting a bit fed up of how its all stacking up against the British Military and nobody is knocking on my door and saying “do you remember when those lads got blown up on that bus? well there is going to be an inquiry into it” or “that lad that go killed in the border check point incident, how did you feel ‘cos you were on shift weren’t you and had to pass the message to his fiancée” etc etc. I am sure you get the point. Honesty again!! Us service types are bitter about NI, (I wont say what my heart says it is). Our government past AND present didn’t acknowledge our efforts, our losses, (then and now), our stresses and our emotional conflicts. Our government did nothing to try and resolve a nasty part of our history. Our government still had the 18th century Zulu campaign approach of “send the Army in to sort and repress them” attitude. Well, d’know what – it back fired on them.Oh!! and lets not forget the funding from the good old US of A…..or Lybia’s training camps…or Semtex from eastern Europe gangsters. So lets please move away from the “Bloody Sunday Para bad Bogside/Creggan good because the inquiry said so”….the bigger picture is that Adam and his cohorts need to be brought to justice….and that’s all we want…justice….I firmly believe that once the main players and cowboys are brought to justice….a lot of the bitterness will lose its edge…..just saying like.

    • You see every atrocity carried out by the IRA, they did not do it my name, OK? I condemn all of them whole heartedly. Just a pity that some others keep their blinkers on when it comes to the British Army. People keep referring to Adams and McGuinness as my people, my lot, for once take of your blinkers and see that I condemn all atrocities carried out by ALL paramilitaries, because yes, they were acts of murder. I can condemn the BA for their atrocities too whether you like it or not. Pity you lot cannot see murder for what it is. Your Arrogance regarding your military is disgusting, is it any wonder most of the civilised world despise you.

    • Solution, fuck off out of everyone else’s business, mind your own country and stay out of others, for when you do put your unwanted noses into other countries business all that comes out of it is death and destruction. When it lands on your own doorstep, tough fucking shit my friend, as one other arrogant poster put it, YOU REAP WHAT YOU SOW!

      • Harry, you seem a troubled man, can you say where you live, and in those difficult times where you lived, and did you then think the army in town was a good or bad thing..

  39. I couldn’t put it better maddogintheblock….your post brings flooding back the sorrow, savagery and pity of it all. And that’s without mentioning the civilian dead and murdered in countless bombings. Those terrorists were and are barbaric…no sane person can honestly place the conduct of these men on the same moral plane as that of a serving soldier who would have given anything not to have been there. Yes, mistakes were sometimes made,(given the conflict lasted 30 years, it would be astonishing if they weren’t) but that doesn’t mean they were army policy….no doubt we made similar mistakes when we were fighting the Nazi’s, but there’s no doubt where right lay in that conflict. We all (even you, Harry Cox) know what a deeply sinister man Adams is – most sinister, perhaps, to his own people – and unless he faces justice his poison will seep and fester through NI for generations to come. He ordered the torture and murder of “that woman” for sure….and many more besides…he’s steeped in gore…he stinks of death and corruption and all that’s good and decent.

    • Serving soldiers who shoot teenagers, women and old men in the back, and people of the clergy too. If you want justice for people, it should be for everyone, and that includes people murdered by your Army.

  40. Mr Cox could there be a possibility that only some of the evidence given by the Para’s was used and not all in the Saville Inquiry. The truth would of been politically damaging and not beneficial to the present “peace” process for some certain Nationalist “Politicians”. The Saville Inquiry has been a very expensive dogs dinner.

    • Expensive because the truth had been um, somewhat distorted by the usual British Government tactic of covering up the truth to save face. Countless times they have done it, and countless times, the real truth comes out. Hillsborough? The Guliford four? The Birmingham six? Bloody Sunday? How long doe’s this shit have to go on? The BS Inquiry was expensive, grossly expensive, but hey, that’s what happens when you try to cover up the truth and people like the BS families persist in uncovering the truth. Want someone to blame for the expense of BS, go and knock on the 10 Downing Street door and demand your answers there. But I wouldn’t hold your breath getting any honest answers.

  41. Harry Cox. We enjoy our freedom as a result of brave men like the Paras. And if anyone tries to ever invade us you would be the first to expect their like to put their lives on the line for you. Would you do the same for them, or your neighbour, or or friends and family. I guess that you will sit in your ivory tower and snipe and those below you. You are definitely a Cock!!!

    • I am a cock for condemning murder carried out by ll those who commit it? If you think condemning murder makes me a cock, what the fuck does it make you, for having a go at someone who is not biased and thinks that all murderers should face justice. What are you then in that case, a fucking arrogant cunt, which does not surprise me one bit.

  42. were the royal signals murdering cunts too ( you know the ones you fuckers blew up in their minibus straight after a charity run in lisburn? ), what about howes and woods???? bunch of wankers. the same year Gerry ” the slug ” adams sat down at the $1000 a seat luncheon with the president of America, Timothy Mcveie blew the crap out of the fbi building to give the yanks a dose of what you cunts have been dishing out since the Romans threw Christians to the lions…….. we can go back in history as far as you want. way before William of orange..

    • You should lay of whatever it is you are drinking or smoking or what ever it is that makes you spout utter gibberish. Sounds to me like you are praising Timothy, which is kind of worrying. I didn’t blow anybody up by the way, I am a peace loving person, I wouldn’t hurt a fly.

  43. One thing these para boys forget to tell you is that they were shit scared in West Belfast and South Armagh.

    • They probably were scared because the men and women who serve in the Army do so in the open. Unlike the scum bags who left a bomb here sneaked out in the middle of the night kill a policeman or a soldier it didn’t matter if their families got in the way kill them to then run back to the hole they crawled out if. You can be sure as hell the military were scared you see they were HUMAN

  44. Rioters were throwing rocks and petrol bombs. You can kill people with those items too, it doesn’t have to be a gun. The rioters were there to have a go at the army. You reep what you sow.

    • and dont forget that sunday march had been declared illegal so why where they there anyway..

    • Lame excuse. Another arrogant pig, in that case, come to another land, where you are not welcome, get shot at and bombed by terrorists, you reap what you sow. You people have to be the most arrogant bunch of hypocrites I have ever come across. You got into a dirty war by joining the war mongering USA in Iraq and Afghanistan, you kill countless thousands of innocent women and children, then when they strike back at you in London, you cry about it, YOU REAP WHAT YOU SOW!! You are on a par with the USA as the most despised nation on the planet, I wonder why?

  45. Will Wright you are a fool,they were not there to riot, they were there to protest about being treated as second class citizens.It was made illegal by a biased unionist goverment!

    • You waste your time with these arrogant animals SJP. They do not like it when all right thinking people condemn the murderers of the Parachute Regiment. Murderers, nothing more nothing less. The fallout from Bloody Sunday and Ballymurphy was horrendous and callous, but hey, I’ll just keep saying, like one arrogant bastard here pointed out, ‘YOU REAP WHAT YOU SOW’!

      • what about the queens cousin then, blown up in a boat and others also, eye for and eye is it…

      • T D Reynolds, in the eyes of some of your fellow British(can do no wrong)posters it sadly seems to be the case of an eye for an eye. My reap what you sow comment is a direct reply(sarcastically)to a certain poster here who thinks that should be the case. I, in all honesty do not believe in an eye for an eye. What I do believe in is justice for every single human being on this planet, and yes that includes the victims of murder by the British Army, the IRA, and all other paramilitary organisations, there can be no discrimination on the grounds of what country you come from or what uniform you wear, murder is murder and it’s as(or should be as) simple as that! All I here on here is ‘what about this’ ‘what about that’ and every time I agree that all atrocities carried out by the IRA are just as murderous as the atrocities carried out by the British Army in Northern Ireland.

  46. I think we are singing from the same hymn sheet Harry.

  47. I think what happened in the end was that the British taxpayer got tired of wasting money. Spending money on people who live in a beautiful part of the United Kingdom, who are happy to reap the benefits NHS, the best education in the UK, and all the other benefits that a civilised society offers. But to be spending it on a bunch of ungrateful, poor me victims that wanted to belong to the Republic of Ireland was too much (not the the Republic wanted/wants or can afford) the province.
    As a English man, with Irish parents who served in the province in The Parachute Regiment, I hated every day I was there.
    We trusted no one, the Hats (the rest of the British Army), The RUC, The Loyalist or and especially the Republicans. Now after all these years since the British government ‘sold out’ to the cowardly murders SF/IRA (the rest of the world knows what they are) you still can’t move on with your sad lives and stand up and admit to the atrocities that was committed in the name of freedom, by a bunch of mindless thugs that income came from drugs, extortion and prostitution.
    So to all of you that inhabit Northern Ireland, I don’t know why, you don’t take your cue from Scotland and hold a referendum to become your own little Republic. The British tax payer will be so relieved and the Republic of Ireland can let out a sigh of relief.

    • Couldn’t agree more Terry, A referendum is what all republicans want. But hey there was one already and overwhelmingly, the Irish people voted in favour for a republic until Carson and his band of terrorists decided to threaten the British Government with mass murder if they handed the North back to it’s rightful owners. The British Government capitulated and hence Northern Ireland was created, and what a mess it has turned out to be. So you want to be complaining about rebels who do not want you in this country, you can blame the cowardice of the British Government of that time for not giving the people what was rightfully theirs, the right of the will of the people to be carried out as per that referendum. I suppose it’s karma now that the British Government has ‘sold out’ to republicans since they reneged on the deal all those years ago when they gave into the threat of the original terrorist, Lord Carson, what a shame that was eh? Sure we all know the consequences of being somewhere you are not wanted, Iraq, Afghanistan for instance, the fallout for those illegal invasions has been quite horrendous and sad considering what happened in London 7/7 and such. I for one am glad that there is relative peace here, however much it might sadden people to see who is Governing here, but responsibility for the conflict here must be shared, by all who took part in it.

  48. I have read all of this thread with much interest. I have never professed to know much about the troubles other than what my generation tend to take as gospel. I read a few weeks ago however a book called ‘lost lives’ which was totally unbiased and very informative. Some of the things I read about the British Army and the claims that engulfed them saddened me as I am v pro the aforementioned. However, I did not realise how vicious the IRA actually were. I have always believed them to be scum and still do. This English invasion bollocks that some of you spout is ridiculous. The things the IRA did (cowardly things like blowing up friends of mine or friends of friends just demonstrates the fact they are cowardly and couldn’t cope in an organised structured army situ). It is extremely sad that so many innocents lost their lives. Yet faced with a do or die situ I would always choose the former. I firmly believe that the army were deployed cos they needed to be – the IRA had turned Belfast into gangster territory. If the fact I have never served renders me unjustified to comment to some then I can make no apology. Many historians comment on things they were not part of, but their take on it makes sure the sacrifice is noted xxx

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