Marijuana Time (Book)

Publication Date: 7 Jun 2001

Anyone can survive a war – all you have to do is not get shot. But how the hell is a soldier supposed to survive the peace? Ken Lukowiak could handle Goose Green and Wireless Ridge: it was the life after that seemed so hard – so slow, so repetitive, so absurd.

But then Belize came to his rescue, or rather Belize’s number one product, marijuana. Smoked in industrial quantities, it can make military life seem almost bearable. And what better way could there be of seeing out service in this last armpit of empire than through a dizzy haze of pungent, potent dope smoke?

The best of times, the worst of times, marijuana brings them all – and in the end it brings our hero to the joint in the form of Her Majesty’s Prison, Shepton Mallett. But Lukowiak’s not complaining: he’s well and truly out of it – seems for as long as he can remember, he’s been doing Marijuana Time.